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Import Express

Aramex provides a global solution for importing time-sensitive documents and parcels door-to-door from around the world to meet your business needs.

Import Unlimited

With your Import Express account number, Aramex ships the imports that are requested by you only.You can also sign up for “Import Unlimited” so that your global suppliers can ship directly to you using your Aramex Account.

Drop and Ship

With Drop and Ship, Aramex provides you with a dedicated forwarding import box in major exporting countries. Simply ask your suppliers to ship domestically to your Drop and Ship box and Aramex will forward your packages to your doorstep.

Online Importing

Aramex offers you smart tools to track your imports and other tools to import packages from your global suppliers. Aramex will speak to your suppliers provide them with import / export guidelines and formalities.

If you have already signed up for Import Express, click here to start importing online with Aramex.

With Import Express, you have the option of importing through:

Priority Import Express

A door-to- door solution for your urgent packages.


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