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Glens Malawi Limited ( KIA International Airports)

Moffat Zimba : +265 999 966 666 /+265 888 82 2018

Hardson Mbewe: +265 998 031 317 /+265 997 54 88 27

Office Line  :  +265 883 154 291

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Stuart Nkando 

GLENS MALAWI LTD (Chileka Airport).,

P.O. Box 629,


Republic Of Malawi

+265 882915999 /881370003/992121097



Blantyre Office

Innocencia Matchado

Imports Controller

 +265 995 450 553|212 951 156

Country Customs Information

Malawi Customs Clearing Rules

We are experts in the preparation and submission of documentation that is required to export or import your goods into or out of a country. Customs clearance is a crucial part of your cargo shipping from Point A to Point B seamlessly across the world and we are here to help.

Our connections with customs around the world have enabled us to developed a comprehensive knowledge of legislation, procedures and customs tariffs that form the backbone of both import and export customs clearances. 


We Have experience in packaging and Warehousing. We can offer customers unique solutions that optimize their logistics flow. Whether you just want to store a smaller number of pallets for a short time or or hold your goods for clearing, we are ready for the task.

  • Licensed with MRA
  • Secure Premises
  • Easily accessible Location
  • Transit Bond With MRA (MWK 5 Billion )

We have Warehousing facilities in Malawi (Blantyre and Lilongwe) including Airports (Kamuzu International Airport Lilongwe  & Chileka International Airport Blantyre).